We believe that every day is a great day to make change and do better. We practice this by crafting our gifts to be both high quality and eco-friendly. To us, this means carrying out projects while keeping our impact on the planet and its future generations in mind.

Although we recognize that Canary is far from being a 100% sustainable business, we are constantly challenging ourselves to be more eco-conscious in all aspects of the work we do. Together, we can achieve positive change for both the merchandising industry and the environment.

01. Climate Neutral Certified & Carbon Neutral Shipping

We’re excited to announce that we are Climate Neutral Certified! Climate Neutral is a non-profit organization that has helped us reduce our emissions and reach carbon neutrality for all our shipments!

02. EcoVadis Silver Medal

An EcoVadis assessment is a comprehensive evaluation that ranks a company’s sustainability initiatives. It shows how an organization is managing its value chain in a transparent scorecard. This rating agency has scored over 100,000 companies in more than 175 countries and 200 industries. EcoVadis evaluates organizations based on 4 key pillars: (1) Environmental, (2) Labor & Human Rights, (3) Ethics, and (4) Sustainable Procurement.

An EcoVadis Silver Medal places us among the top 15% of businesses in our industry to have achieved this esteemed rating.

03. Sustainable Product Offerings

We put thought into every piece of our projects. We are always getting creative with our sustainable products, offering everything from seed paper inserts to notebooks made from apple cores. Our list of eco-friendly options includes many renewable, recyclable, and compostable gifts and packaging made from GOTS, FSC, OEK-TEX, and USDA Organic certified materials. While we frequently add products to our sustainable repertoire, we prioritize reusing materials to reduce waste and prevent unnecessary production.

04. Eco-friendly Suppliers

Our impact on the environment begins with factory selection. That is why we partner with hundreds of B-Corp, 1% for the Planet, Fair Trade, and Carbon Neutral certified factories to make our influence as positive as possible. We are also constantly scouting for new companies and industry innovations to support and share with our clients.

05. Green Packaging

Opting for more sustainable packaging materials doesn’t have to break the bank or take away from your influencer unboxing experience! Canary offers so many different swaps to make your packaging choices more green! From compostable bags & boxes, non-plastic packaging tape, recyclables paper shred, and new innovations like mailing bags made out of recycled limestone! Waste management is also very top of mind for our fulfillment warehouses and they minimize the excess use of packaging materials whenever possible and many times give a box a 2nd or 3rd life by continuously using them over and over again!

06. Decoration Methods

At Canary, we look at a project from all angels…carbon footprint, sustainable materials, eco-friendly packaging, waste management. The details matter and the logo treatment should be the main event! This is why we have created innovative ways to decorate merch like algae inks, carbon air inks, eco-threads for embroidery, water-based inks, etc.

07. Upcycling

Here at Canary we always aim to put sustainability and the process of upcycling goods first. It’s not unusual to have leftover branded merchandise, or swag. Whether it’s some shirts from last year’s event or items with an outdated company logo, the question is the same: How to dispose of unusable swag in a responsible way?

08. Logistics

Canary believes that every project is an opportunity to reduce our emissions. This is why weoptimize our packaging sizes, build relationships with factories all around the world for localized production, and choose the least carbon intensive shipping methods when possible.

09. We Plant A Tree for Every Order!

Canary has a Forest Garden! We have partnered with Tress for the Future, a non-profit organization whose mission is to restore ecosystems and bring both food and economic security to those affected by deforestation across African. In just a few short years, the Canary Forest Garden will be filled with thousands of native, food-bearing trees. So far, Canary has planted 18,000 trees and counting!

10. In-Office Practices

Canary is headquartered in a LEED Platinum certified building, earning this distinction for its water-saving plumbing and landscaping, sustainably sourced paper products, and PV solar panels that will power 85% of our office by 2024. Spare samples are donated to local charities, and any packaging or material that can be reused, is. Lastly, we compost and recycle, and train employees on how to reduce their carbon and waste footprint as well.

11. Data Transparency

Canary will continue to intensify our sustainability efforts and goals. To do this, we collect data on our transport emissions and sustainable suppliers to identify how we can improve best. In 2022, we released our first Corporate Responsibility Report (CSR) detailing this operational information. On top of this, we will annually participate in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi) to make our emissions data public. This data transparency will also help us achieve our goal of a 25% increase in transport efficiency by 2025.