Whether you’re looking for ten executive gifts or ten thousand trade show pens, we’ve got you covered every step of the way.

<p>High end gifts designed and created for Waze events and execs</p>
<p>Trick-or-treat buckets disguised as festive KFC chicken buckets are sure to make anyone smile. And if anyone is so inclined, a Halloween costume to dress up like the good old Colonel himself is peeking out of one bucket</p>
<p>This summer swag kit is perfect for the Google I/O welcome bag in the San Francisco late spring/early summer season. What’s in your summer swag bag?</p>
<p>Gatorade goes back to school with this collegiate dorm room gift set</p>
<p>Did you know that a partial eclipse is called a “banana sun”? We learned all about this over the summer of 2017 when the Great American Eclipse stopped everyone in their tracks for 1 minute and 36 seconds. Chiquita Banana jumped at the chance to emphasize the banana in banana eclipse. We partnered with our friends and Wieden+Kennedy to produce these custom shaped paper ISO certified eclipse glasses and a hilarious banana tie. The ties were sent to meteorologists and weather forecasters all over the country in hopes they would have some fun and wear them on air.</p>


Kits & Mailers

Custom packaging and kits are kinda our thing. Our in-house fulfillment team will tie the perfect bow, seal it with a kiss, and send your gifts on their merry way to all your lucky recipients.

<p>This kit takes the cake for cool summer swag. Once you open the box, you then get the surprise of opening each compartment to reveal five special treats. This gift set was sent to employees as an invitation to a summer party, complete with pineapple drink floaty, disco ball drink tumbler, sunglasses, sunscreen, and Sugarfina gummy bears.</p>
<p>A cute kit with the theme “prepare” for Nike. Each dry bag contains journals, keychain and a portable power bank.</p>
<p>Glamglow introduced Instamud to their influencers in this cheerful yellow window box.</p>
<p>Glamglow highlights six classic masks in this bold pink influencer kit.</p>
<p>When a new employee gets to their desk at Dropbox, they will find this smart new hire set with the following items included: Journal, pen, laptop decals, camp mug, coffee and a welcome note. The hand-written note goes a long way.</p>



Web Stores

Ready to take your swag digital? Canary can design and host your store, merchandise the product selection, and handle the daily fulfillment and logistics. Our team of web store experts are flexible, technical, integration friendly and retail-savvy. Our most popular store is the Virtual Swag Closet – You choose 10-15 of your core products, we keep them on hand for your team to order when needed. So simple!


Global Logistics

From Cannes to the Olympics to SXSW, no event is too big, too small or too far away. We’ll handle the gift production, shipping and logistics so that you can get a handle on a good night’s sleep.

Check out some of our most recent Swag adventures:


Print Collateral

Hangtags or insert cards, belly bands or brochures, print pieces are the perfect add-on to make your gift a little more personal. Provide your own designs or leave that up to us. Let’s work together to give your product the personality it deserves.



Event Decor & Signage

Whether it’s a photo booth backdrop, a 40-foot hashtag sign or a small set of clever napkins, never underestimate the possibilities of transforming your environment from boring to branded.



Graphic Design

Let our creative team be an extension of your own. Pantone colors – prioritized. Corporate fonts – memorized. We vow to respect your clear space and promise to never (ever) typeset your tagline in Comic Sans. We love a creative challenge and won’t rest until it looks perfect.



Award Programs

Everyone deserves a little recognition now and then. We’ll help you design the perfect award or memento to showcase your brightest stars, congratulate ten years of hard work, or simply say “WE APPRECIATE YOU”.

<p>These commemorative pins created for Airbnb celebrate milestones for employees and hosts alike. The Belo symbol represents belonging and community and these pins are a tangible reinforcement of that sentiment.</p>
<p>A unique invitation to a corporate destination trip is a common conundrum we face. This shadow box filled with tropical beach sand floating over a printed beach wood invitation is the perfect solution. Each frame was shipped to trip winners in a large wooden box filled with additional beach survival gear.</p>
<p>This beautiful crystal clear acrylic plaque was created in English and then translated into French for distribution in Canada. Each plaque sits in a retail store and reminds store associates of their potential.</p>
<p>This custom shaped award recognizes key performance within Old Navy</p>
<p>This beautiful bamboo award was given out to Levi’s high performing employees with a message of empowerment and achievement. The hard structure and rich texture of bamboo make it an ideal material for a durable artisan custom award.</p>