Tradeshow Treasures

Everyone wants the standout item at a tradeshow – the prized giveaway that not only drives booth traffic, but also keeps people talking about you for the rest of the day. A daunting task? Don’t worry, we’re here to help with these three simple tips and an online catalog full of gift ideas.

– Brand Appropriately

Tradeshows are a great place to tap into untouched markets. You know what this means – It’s first impression time and you get one chance at it. Your giveaway should match your visual branding and your corporate messaging. When that new prospect walks away, be sure the giveaway in their bag makes them remember you. And for the love of Swag, please be sure it has your website on it.

– Know Your Audience

Engineers want something gadgety, admins want something practical. The key is to provide an item that your specific audience will take home and use, therefore keeping your brand in their hands longer. 

– Stick to your budget

While it would be great to give everyone the newest iPad, this isn’t realistic for the average corporate budget nor would it be viewed as appropriate. The first goal of any giveaway is to simply get your name and contact info out into the field. A less is more approach is often the best bet.

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