The Perfect Pool Party

Summer is in full effect everywhere we look. Our calendars are inundated wThe Perfect Pool Partyith pool parties, beach weekends, eclipse planning, road trips, camping escapades, and so many BBQs that it almost feels like a chore. And in the back of our minds, a constant whisper of back to school shopping lists, football and harvest – reminding us that it’s almost over.

For now let’s hold on to the season a little longer with one more pool party, and while we’re at it, let’s make it perfect. Bathe ourselves in pastels, take a dip, linger over a glass of rose, and enjoy our sun-kissed glow while it lasts.

This is our view of the Perfect Pool Party Gear:

  • Fun Floaty – Sprinkles Donut? Why not?
  • Pura Vida Summer Bracelets – Supporting artisans all over the globe
  • Graphic Tote – we can’t get enough of these – this version has a darling pair of sunnies
  • Speaking of Sunnies – gradient aviators are how we roll this summer
  • Metallic pastel pink for the win with this fanny pack
  • Cursive message sun hat – these were all over Cannes File Festival this year and we LOVE
  • Turkish Towels in beautiful stripes. They call it beach candy – and we want more
  • Insulated Drink Cooler – did we mention we’re into pastels?

We’ll meet you by the diving board!





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