For all the Moms

For everything they do to shape your character, lift you up, keep you grounded, teach you to love, show you the way, hold your hand, hug you when you cry, and love you like no one else ever will. A... Read More »

Treats of the Season

Our favorite sweets and snacks are sure to make you a hit at any holiday party this year. Custom color macarons to match any event Toffee Talk crumble in a jar Rainbow dipped pretzel sticks Pinkleton’s Curious Caramel Corn The... Read More »

What Mom Wants

Let’s face it, all you have to do to make mom happy is wash the dishes, write your thank you notes, invite her on a walk, and like a few of her facebook posts. But if you’re looking for a... Read More »

Feeling Lucky?

Happy St. Paddy’s Day! These nine whimsical gift ideas will leave you feeling the luck of the Irish all day long. – Your friends at O’Canary  

Beyond the Beads

When our clients have conferences in New Orleans or themed Mardi Gras events throughout the year, Canary Marketing goes beyond the beads for thoughtful, memorable gifts that speak to the culture of New Orleans. From croc luggage tags to guitar... Read More »

Filled with Love

We’re feeling the love at Canary Marketing this Valentine’s Day. From retail displays and GWPs to custom candies and golf tees, February 14th gives us a great excuse to wear our hearts on our sleeves, or on our water bottles... Read More »

Super Bowl Swag

Gatorade needed luxury gifts for entertaining high level Super Bowl guests and Canary Marketing answered the call perfectly. Whether the highlight of their trip will be sitting in the freezing stadium, using the trip as an excuse to go shopping... Read More »

Gridiron Gifts

Whether you’re flying a team of execs to New York or hosting the Superbowl party of the year, Canary Marketing has your gifts covered. You might care more about the commercials (we do too) but you don’t want to leave... Read More »


Where glamour meets camping. If you’re heading out into the wilderness this summer don’t forget your glamping checklist. And remember, personal comfort comes before the mission. Happy Trails!

9 Favorite Golf Gifts

It’s Masters Week!  Whether you’re on team-Tiger or team-Phil, a weekend warrior, a sand-bagger, a hit-and-giggler, or a stone cold stick, our nine favorite golf gifts of 2013 are sure to make your next round a little bit more fun... Read More »

Tradeshow Treasures

Everyone wants the standout item at a tradeshow – the prized giveaway that not only drives booth traffic, but also keeps people talking about you for the rest of the day. A daunting task? Don’t worry, we’re here to help... Read More »

A Movember to Remember

You may not see moustaches growing in our office, but Canary is in full support of Movember. Moustaches have become the darling of the hipster movement and can be a quirky addition to any promotion. From desktop essentials to your... Read More »