Back to School

Does the smell of a freshly sharpened #2 pencil still take you right back to the classroom? Are you still tempted to pass your bff a note when you have a crush on someone? Us too…so we ask you this – why should the kids have all the fun?

We firmly believe that back to school shouldn’t be limited to kids and coeds and after much thought, we’ve come up with the perfect 2016 Canary school supply list. These five coveted desk items will have you practicing your cursive and doing fractions for fun during conference calls this week. Enjoy!


Pretty Pencils – One for each day of the week

Classic Wall Clock – Nothing says school like watching the clock and waiting for recess

2017 Planner by Paper Source – Complete with a delicious flora and fauna cover pattern

Lumio Light – This award winning light fits right into the bookshelf next to all the classics

Vintage Lunch Tray – Straight from the lunch line and beautiful in their simplicity and function. Great for organizing desk items or serving vintage cocktails

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