It’s the little things in life that can make the biggest difference. I think we can all agree that this could probably be the slogan of 2020 right now.

It seems like everything in life has taken on new meaning, and with it, a new appreciation for the little things that we might take for granted. Like home cooked meals, evening neighborhood walks, sleeping in, a good book, social distance park picnics…you name it.

Try to take notice of the little things that make you feel good each day and then try passing on some of those good vibes. There are so many small ways you can brighten someone else’s day – send a friend some flowers, call up a family member you haven’t talked to in a while, give your neighbor a bottle of wine (or two, or three) and smile at every dog you see (yes, animals thrive off good vibes too)!

These are the small but powerful pick-me-ups that we’re all about sharing because it’s those little things that keep us together…even while we’re spending time apart.

One way we’re passing on the good vibes within our community is through some surprise personalized swag. Last month we sent out appreciation swag to our clients, partners, employees and friends; in them we included “positive vibes” stickers, with one to keep and one to pass along. We encouraged you to share your sticker story online in hopes of creating a collective community of positivity and let’s just say, you guys did not disappoint. Those laptops are looking fly!

To that we say, let’s keep the good vibes going! So, send those flowers, make that phone call and share all the wine because you never know how something small could make a big impact on someone’s day.

If you’re looking for other ways to pass on some positivity, try adding your own custom-made sticker or personalized company gifts to your next surprise and delight campaign. Or share with us the small things that bring you joy and some of the ways you’re keeping the positive vibes going!