Happy Earth Day! Here at Canary we are more mindful than ever about staying healthy and keeping those around us healthy – and that includes the Earth! To us, keeping our environment well means using eco-friendly products as often as possible to create sustainable gifts for clients, and encouraging a greener way of living in all that we do.

Most plastic used in the world today is for single-use items. We’d like to highlight some of the ways that you can make Mother Earth your number one gal in your every day life by cutting down on those things we toss away…


1. Take a look around your kitchen and note all of the single use plastic you may be using without even noticing! Cello wrap, zip lock bags, plastic straws, paper towels, etc. are all items we use for a quick moment, and later end up in the garbage. Every time we put our leftovers into cling wrap, we may be overlooking the amount of energy and resources used to make it, and how our Earth will handle it once we toss it away. Plastics take over 500 years to degrade in a landfill! Once they’ve degraded, they are still turning into micro plastics which end up in our wildlife. Let’s do better! We dig any opportunity to make a fashion statement AND an eco-friendly statement, so we’re finding trendy new ways to keep our homes green. With our sustainable gifts like reusable personalized straws, bees wax wrap, reusable to-go containers and water bottles, we are hoping to help you keep your home a little more green.

2. Wear the clothes you have more! That’s right, giving your closet some love as-is rather than buying new items is a great way to live green. On average, clothing items are worn just 7 times total before they are tossed away. Fast fashion clothing items are able to be worn even less before they simply… just… fall apart. While fast fashion makes shopping for clothes more affordable, it comes at an environmental cost (as well as a price per wear cost). The fashion industry is the second-largest consumer of the world’s water supply and pollutes the oceans with micro plastics. It also produces 10% of all of the world’s carbon emissions! Making thoughtful decisions about which clothing brands you purchase from, and then wearing those pieces often, are two really great ways you can cut down on your direct impact. We are always seeking out brands to partner with who prioritize quality in the clothing that they make. More durability = more wears = better for your wallet and the environment! Check out some of the clothing gifts we’ve created that put quality over everything!

3. Shop local! Supporting local producers cuts down on packaging, shipping miles, and tons of other environmental costs associated with getting non-local goods to us. While we may be in the global mindset of Amazon Prime, it’s incredible how many small businesses can provide you with better quality products, exceptional customer service, and a whole lot of love. Most of the items you’re seeking online can be found locally, and the more money spent with local outlets, the more stays in the local area helping to support local jobs and reduce major freight and shipping environmental costs. Canary regularly seeks to support our local businesses and align with brands who are also aiming to create positive social impact! Here is some of the product selection and merchandise we’ve sourced from local small businesses…

This Earth Day, we hope you are staying healthy – and we encourage you to help keep our environment healthy too! When we all do our part, we see just how strong our social impact can be. Happy Earth Day, friends!