More Cowbell Please

Although the Super Bowl was getting a lot of the nation’s attention and commercial slots for the weekend, there was another world-class event taking place here in the United States. The Cyclo-cross World Championships were held this past Saturday at the American home of whiskey and baseball bats, Louisville, Kentucky.

This event marked a huge step forward for the American spirit in the sport, as it was the first ever Cyclo-cross World Championship held outside of Europe in its 60+ year history.

Despite the snow, icy temperatures, and impending doom of a flood from the nearby Ohio River and Beargrass Creek, the over 10,000 fans bundled up to show their love and support of their favorite racers.

Hand-in-hand with bikes and beer, it wouldn’t be a Cyclo-cross event without cowbells. Canary paired up with @PerformanceBike, America’s leading multi-channel bicycle retailer, to bring branded bells to the weekend’s big race.

Photos courtesy of @reckonso @josephfarran and Performance Bike

Story by: Katie Bowden

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