5 words that can be spoken in a million different ways:  “You’re doing a great job.”  It’s simple, right? These small words; this simple acknowledgment.  Sometimes these 5 words are what keep employees showing up each day.  It’s fair to say that the power of feeling recognized is certainly not a simple one.

At Canary, we know how a little recognition in the workplace can go a long way. Whether it’s from a manager, client, or coworker, it’s important to commend the efforts of those around you. Recognizing someone’s hard work is more than a hollow method of boosting team morale, it’s about seeking the human-ness in your teammates and acknowledging the value someone brings to the table. We ALL want to feel appreciated!

There are so many celebratory ways to show appreciation – it’s easy to get creative! Plan a team outing, send a handwritten thank you note, surprise someone with a gift or give a shout out at the next meeting. Whatever your language of appreciation is, it feels good to be told, “you’re doing a great job.”

Here at Canary, one of our favorite ways to show gratitude and appreciation is through personalized gifts. Who says gift giving is just for birthdays and holidays? An unexpected just-because moment of saying thank you to your team can foster #joblove like none other!

Want hand-written notes added to your appreciation gifts?  We got you!  Looking for a creative way to make your people feel like you *really get* them?  We’ll help you brainstorm!  With a finger to the pulse of trends and cool new product launches and brands, we can inspire something exciting no matter what. Authentic recognition can help create a positive space that breeds creativity and help bridge the gap between doing your work and loving your work!