Fancy A Float?

No one crashes a pool party like the Colonel! This summer, Colonel Sanders has quickly become everyone’s favorite pool party guest. Right around Memorial Day Weekend, KFC launched a wild sweepstakes with the help of creative agency Wieden+Kennedy. Loyal KFC... Read More »

Colonel Sanders Costume

Have you ever dreamed of being Colonel Sanders for Halloween? Can your favorite food be described as Finger Lickin’ Good? Do you like creepy pop culture costumes? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then do we have... Read More »

Collaborating with TOMS

When we help our client collaborate with TOMS, everyone wins. There are so many times when we are asked how to incorporate a giving campaign into a gift campaign. TOMS makes it easy by doing the heavy lifting and giving... Read More »

Personalized Embroidery

We love personalized embroidery, cursive, benefit cosmetics, and most of all, babies! So we pretty much love everything about this Instagram post by Annie Ford Danielson one of the Benefit Cosmetic twins and a global beauty authority. Annie is wearing a soft... Read More »

The Dan Patrick Show

Canary Marketing helped create this limited edition hoodie for The Dan Patrick Show’s Super Bowl coverage and from the looks of it, we think it might have become Mr. Patrick’s favorite in studio apparel.

Signature Necklace

One thing we hear over and over again is, “We need a gift for someone who has it all, someone who doesn’t need anything.” And we continuously go back to the drawing board on this. The recipient might be a... Read More »

Hey Grant Gustin!

It’s a good day when Kid Flash stops by to pose with your new panda notebook! Just another day at Comic-Con with Shutterstock! 

POY in Training

Translation: Player of the Year As if we didn’t already love and admire April Ross, now we’re over the moon! Her nephew is rocking his stare-down in this adorable onesie we created for Gatorade to give to all their athletes... Read More »

For Guys Who Have it All

When you need to give the head coach of the Indiana Pacers an end of the season gift…what do you do? Call Canary, of course! This Xbox gift from Gatorade to the coach is fully wrapped with the Pacers logo making a... Read More »

That’s Katie Couric!

In case you’re wondering, yes that’s Katie Couric wearing one of the Makers hats we produce for AOL. Makers is an amazing group celebrating women by telling their stories. Check it out here for yourself and prepare to be inspired!


Literally, we LOVE LOVE this custom leather cooler made exclusively for Serena Williams to congratulate her on her 2015 Wimbledon win. Believe us when we say coming up with a gift for one of the most highly decorated athletes in... Read More »

The Tonight Dough

Our favorite late night crush, Jimmy Fallon, recently introduced his very own flavor of Ben&Jerry’s ice cream cleverly named: The Tonight Dough. Canary Marketing was called upon by NBC to create ice cream scoops to help promote the show and... Read More »

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