Amazing things can be accomplished when we work together…

It’s no secret that our ability to work together as humans has enabled us to accomplish incredible things.  From building whole cities to flourishing new ideas… there are some things we just do better together.  Could you imagine trying to build a whole city alone?  Let’s face it – putting together “ready to assemble” furniture is hard enough as it is!

Imagine trying to play every instrument in a band, casting yourself as every character in a play, or playing every position on a sports team.  While all those things would be seriously amusing to watch unfold, taking the team out of teamwork just doesn’t work.  That’s why some of the earliest fundamentals in life that we’re taught is how to work together and lend support to others.

These have always been two of our biggest priorities at Canary, and through our partnerships with some brands doing good, we’re able to accomplish both!

The Brands x Better coalition was built in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and is all about brands joining forces to offer support to local communities, with 10% of all brand proceeds going to charity.  By partnering with and purchasing from the brands involved in this campaign, we are not only offering support and fostering stability in our communities as we navigate critical social issues, but also ensuring employees and suppliers can continue working.

Just from April 1 – May 31, more than 140 brands helped raise over $3.8m for COVID-19 relief efforts.  Talk about teamwork…

Canary is proud to partner with some of the brands involved in this coalition, who are making it a priority to do better and work together.  These are brands that lead with empathy, uphold responsibility, care for our communities, and believe in giving back.  So, when our clients come to us with needs, we can confidently support those requests while also making an effort to support good causes.

Below is a list of brands involved with Brands x Better who we are proud to partner with:







Ministry of Supply







But why stop there?  Whether you’re a company or an individual looking to do better, there are so many ways you too can give back and share the support:

  • Donate your time
    • Wether it’s offering free business services or some good ol’ fashioned neighborly help, this one is foolproof.  Sit down with non-profit organizations and learn how you can dedicate your services or use your free time to become a volunteer for your local youth program or food bank.
  • Create partnerships
    • A collaborative society is a strong society.  Research organizations you’re passionate about or people you want to learn more from and collaboration!  Change happens when we create a community centered around collaboration and mutual support.
  • Talk it out
    • This one might seem simple, but also the most important!  Word of mouth is one of the easiest ways to help.  Post organizations you admire on social media, share internally with your company, talk to someone about a recent positive experience and keep having important conversations with family and friends.

The bottom line is… if you’re seeking ways to ways to do good for your community, it’s better when we do it together!  Contact us to let us know what your needs are, and we’ll do everything we can to support good brands while supporting your project.