Canary Book Club

Do you have a good answer for: “Hey, are you reading any good books right now?” Well we polled the entire Canary team and asked just that. We came up with a long list of book titles that should get... Read More »

Women Helping Women

When we chose to collaborate on this woven clutch for the 2017 holiday gift we had no idea how far the impact would reach. Not only were our clients delighted with a beautiful and ethically sourced handbag, but in choosing... Read More »

Delivering Smiles

The Amazon Treasure Truck is driving across North America this month, delivering smiles to women, children and families in the shape of donated STEM toys, books and household essentials. On top of the product donations, as the Treasure Truck makes... Read More »

Colonel Sanders Costume

Have you ever dreamed of being Colonel Sanders for Halloween? Can your favorite food be described as Finger Lickin’ Good? Do you like creepy pop culture costumes? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then do we have... Read More »

Collaborating with TOMS

When we help our client collaborate with TOMS, everyone wins. There are so many times when we are asked how to incorporate a giving campaign into a gift campaign. TOMS makes it easy by doing the heavy lifting and giving... Read More »

The Perfect Pool Party

Summer is in full effect everywhere we look. Our calendars are inundated with pool parties, beach weekends, eclipse planning, road trips, camping escapades, and so many BBQs that it almost feels like a chore. And in the back of our... Read More »

Personalized Embroidery

We love personalized embroidery, cursive, benefit cosmetics, and most of all, babies! So we pretty much love everything about this Instagram post by Annie Ford Danielson one of the Benefit Cosmetic twins and a global beauty authority. Annie is wearing a soft... Read More »

Smile Oregon

Canary was honored to help sponsor the Smile Oregon Spring Benefit fundraising event at the Multnomah Athletic Club in April. Smile Oregon is a local non-profit helping raise money to support families who could otherwise not afford surgery for cleft... Read More »

Earth Day Clean-Up

   The Portland Canaries flew to the woods this week to help the Forest Park Conservancy clean up a portion of 5200 acre Forest Park and the rain certainly didn’t keep the smiles away. This week is a particularly fitting... Read More »

Desk Drop Dreamin’

Air Plant with Wood Planter + Modern Mug = The Perfect Desk Drop


Katie takes her snaps to the next level with these Snapchat Spectacles. Product testing is an important part of the job and one we’re happy to do when the product has this kind of cool factor. The verdict from Canary... Read More »

The Dan Patrick Show

Canary Marketing helped create this limited edition hoodie for The Dan Patrick Show’s Super Bowl coverage and from the looks of it, we think it might have become Mr. Patrick’s favorite in studio apparel.

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